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Your subscribers don’t need to be product creators to get the money making, list building and traffic benefits of WP Viral Payments: The video on the sales page (click here to open in new tab) shows 8 strategies they can implementing using the plugin regardless of whether their are product creators or affiliates!

Hi Rob Cornish here,

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Your subscribers have a choice of licenses when purchasing. You will earn 50% commission whichever one they choose:

Single Site License $49
Unlimited Site License $77
Commercial License $126


1. Watch the 8 money making, list building and traffic strategies on the sales page: click here (new tab will open)

2. Sign up for the JV update list using the form on the right of this page

3. Scroll down for:

a) Your affiliate links
b) JV Tools: Benefit list, email swipe, social proof, FaceBook/Twitter messages and banners
c) My contact details at the bottom of this page

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1. Your Affiliate Links


Simply send your referrals to this link:


Replace YOURID with your Clickbank affiliate ID

2. JV Tools

Benefits to outline in your Broadcast/Autoresponder emails:

  • Doesn’t matter whether your subscribers are product creators or affiliate marketers
  • Viral Traffic using Facebook “Share For Discount”
  • Viral Traffic using Discount Coupons
  • List Building for your own products, PLR or affiliate products
  • Up and running in minutes on any WordPress site
  • Built in, high converting & custom-made shortcode graphics
  • Video integration (built in player)
  • 1 click order form upsells without expensive shopping carts, custom programming or merchant accounts
  • Increase conversions & customer buying experience = more money in your pocket

Watch the 8 money making, list building and traffic strategies on the sales page: Click here (opens in new tab)

3 Simple But Very Effective Tips

1. Mail more than once (the key to 2-3x more commissions)

2. Resend to unopens (works every time! ;-))

3. Add your own bonus

Here are your email swipes, Facebook/Twitters messages and banners for your sites….

Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #1


Viral Facebook traffic, list building, affiliate sales… [SOFTWARE]

Viral traffic, 1 click upsells, list building… (software)

Bet you’ve NEVER seen software like this….


There aren’t many plugins around which can claim the following credentials….

1) Builds your list – DONE
2) Affiliate sales (digital, physical even recurring income) – DONE
3) Generates automatic viral Facebook traffic – DONE
4) Massively increases conversions – DONE
5) Full Video Integration – DONE
6) Custom-made shortcode graphics – DONE
7) 3-5 minute set up – DONE


In addition to the above WP Viral Payments also allows you to set up “1 Click” order form upsells in minutes.

This kind of technology, used by gurus and expert marketers, has previously been limited to very expensive shopping carts, merchant accounts or custom development work by web designers.

But now, you can implement all of these features to build your list, generate traffic and make money at an incredibly inexpensive investment.

[YOUR LINK]Click HERE to see WP Viral Payments in action[YOUR LINK]

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P.S. Don’t miss this! I’ll bet you’ve never seen anything like it when you see the demo: [YOUR LINK]Click HERE Now[YOUR LINK]

Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #2


8 list building, revenue generating and traffic strategies…

8 KILLER strategies for traffic and list building…


In a rush? [YOUR LINK]Click HERE Now[YOUR LINK] to see the demo

Traffic and list building are the keys to making money on the web.

Unfortunately many people find them difficult or (even worse) bury their heads in the sand and ignore them!

So I had to let you know about WP Viral Payments which is a awesome WordPress plugin that has built in traffic, list building, graphics and page design features right out of the box:

[YOUR LINK]8 List Building, revenue generating and traffic strategies – Click HERE[YOUR LINK]

There really are some killer strategies here – you don’t need to already have products (ideal for affiliates) and Rob even covers one which you can put into action to generate recurring income every month.


Talk soon,


Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #3


8 money making, traffic and list building strategies [VIDEO]

[SOFTWARE] Use just ONE of these EIGHT strategies to make money…

Make Money With the WP Plugin…


If your committed to building your list and driving more traffic I highly recommend this:

[YOUR LINK]Click HERE To See 8 Money Making, List Building and Traffic Strategies[YOUR LINK]

This completely unique software was introduced a short time ago but it was only made it available for 10 days.

Even so, hundreds of people jumped on it and over the past few months Rob Cornish (the creator) has taken all the feedback on board and used it to improve the system even further (it’s now at version 2.0 and even more powerful that ever).

In the video you’ll see that it doesn’t matter whether you focus on product creation or affiliate marketing, there are some fantastic and pretty unique ways you can put this to work yourself.

Maybe the best one is the [YOUR LINK]recurring income strategy[YOUR LINK] which you can implement without any products of your own?

What exactly is WP Viral Payments 2.0?

In a nutshell, WP Viral Payments lets you create beautiful looking web pages (in just a few clicks) that give you the following benefits:

+ Affiliate sales (digital, physical even recurring income)
+ Built in custom graphics (add in 2-clicks)
+ Builds your list
+ Generates viral traffic
+ Video integration
+ Quick set up (i.e., in minutes)
+ Higher conversions
+ 1-Click order form upsells

Click HERE To See 8 Money Making, List Building and Traffic Strategies

That’s all for now, enjoy the video and don’t miss this opportunity to secure your copy.

Kind regards,


Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #4


(software 2.0) 1 Click Upsells like the gurus…

ROI 1,000%+ (SOFTWARE)


There something very powerful out there on the internet that is highly profitable but usually very expensive and time consuming to implement.

It’s known as the “1 Click Order Form Upsell”.

I’m sure you’ve seen this concept before: You click to purchase a product and are then given the option to  add another related product to your order just by checking one box.

It’s the same concept Amazon use with their “Customers Who Bought This Also Bought…”

[YOUR LINK]I’ll bet you’ve never seen anything like this[YOUR LINK]

You can add upsells by using PLR, affiliate links or something you’ve created yourself. A huge way to increase conversions and make money right now.

Not only that but WP Viral Payments also has built-in viral traffic functions, list building tools, custom graphics and allows complete customization right inside your WordPress dashboard!

[YOUR LINK]I’ll bet you’ve never seen anything like this – Click HERE[YOUR LINK]

Talk soon,


Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #5


List building, viral Facebook traffic and graphics… (software)

All this in ONE plugin? Amazing…


You’ve GOT to see this demo of WP Viral Payments.


As you’ll see this is an amazing piece of software which turns your WordPress site into a traffic getting sales machine!

Specifically, it allows you to:

+ Built in custom graphics (add in 2-clicks)
+ Builds your list
+ Generates viral Facebook traffic
+ Affiliate product income (including recurring revenue see the video)
+ Video integration
+ Quick set up (in minutes)
+ Higher conversions
+ “1-Click” order form upsells

The upsell feature is particularly cool as usually to this you have use a combination of shopping carts, merchant accounts or custom web design work.

WP Viral Payments allows you to avoid all of this and add 1 click upsells to your pages in minutes. Super powerful and a great way to increase your ROI by adding affiliate products, physical upsells, PLR or a product you’ve created yourself!

Click HERE Now

Talk soon,


Social Proof: Why Not Use Some of These Customer Comments in Your Promo?

“Rob, this plugin is totally insane…”
Mark Hess
“OMG this is wicked!

I’m working on a client’s site as I write this and he insisted on using one of those ‘bloated & complicated (way overkill)’ solutions for his new digital product offer (because of the built-in shopping cart & affiliate program integration)… I wish I knew about this last week so I could have saved him hundreds of dollars PLUS save myself a half bottle of Advil!”

Mark Sandquist
“THIS IS AMAZING! My brains spinning thinking of all the kick ass things I can do with this.

Thanks so much!”

Edwin Torres
“As soon as I heard about WP Viral Payments plugin I knew I had to use it – it’s one of those plugins, that soon becomes a “must have”.  I set it up (easy to follow instructions) and immediately started selling more existing products but also products that had never sold before.  I’ve made a many thousand times Return-On-Investment already and Rob should really be charging much more for this awesome plugin. Highly recommended!”
Nicola Cairncross
“A truly massive addition to anybody’s arsenal. Nice one.”
Neill Mac
“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Viral Payments. I knew I wanted the enormous power of the one-click-upsell but didn’t want the nightmare of coding it myself… this is the perfect solution and Viral Payments is now embedded within all of my sales funnels. Not only is Viral Payment is a superb product, making the industry leading marketing tactics available in a super easy-to-use and time saving plug in but, the product support is second to none.  There is so much functionality, so many possible applications.  Thank you for a top product and for your excellent customer support.”
Chris Todd

Facebook Wall Posts & Tweets

Post 1: List building, viral traffic, graphics, 1 click upsells. What do you think of this software? [YOUR LINK]

Post 2: I’ll bet you’ve NEVER seen anything like this…. [YOUR LINK]

Post 3: “1 click upsells” with no expensive shopping carts/merchant accounts/custom programming required. What do you think?  [YOUR LINK]

Post 4: Are you using upsells to monetize your products and squeeze pages? [YOUR LINK]

Post 5: The “Share for Discount” concept taken to a whole new level. Interesting? [YOUR LINK]


Right Click, Save As… to download…

Banner: 250 x 250



Banner: 300 x 250


Banner: 468 x 60


Banner: 728 x 90


How do I add one of these banners to the sidebar of my WordPress site?

Follow these simple instructions…

1) Right click and save as to download the banner you want to your computer
2) Upload the banner from your computer to your site using Media > Add New in your WordPress dashboard
3) In Appearance > Widgets, add a new Text widget to the sidebar
4) Insert the following code into that Text widget:

<center><a href=”YOUR AFFILIATE LINK”><img style=”border: 0px solid ; width: 300px; height: 250px;” alt=”WP Viral Payments” src=”BANNER IMAGE”></a></center>

a) Replace YOUR AFFILIATE LINK with your personal link (see the section above on this page)
b) Replace BANNER IMAGE with the URL to the banner you uploaded (get this from Media > Edit)
c) Adjust the width and height accordingly for the banner you are using.

That’s it 🙂

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Thank you for your support,


Rob Cornish





P.S. Thank you again for your support and please email me at rob[at]gainhigherground.com or Skype (rob_cornish) with any questions or if I can help with anything 🙂

P.P.S. Please remember we must all comply with FTC Testimonial Guidelines (see here) and also you must not run an negative campaigns such as “product name/author name scam”. This creates a very bad image for our company and products and shows affiliates in a poor light too. Being sensible, genuine and treating subscribers/customers as we would like to be treated (i.e., with respect) is the best and fastest way to building a sustainable and lifelong business.