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WATCH This Video to See 8 Money Making, List Building and Traffic Strategies You Can Implement Today…

WP Viral Payments is now CLOSED: 

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Calling All Affiliate Marketers & Product Creators…

Dear Fellow Web Business Owner,

Rob Cornish here and welcome to WP Viral Payments.

In a nutshell, WP Viral Payments is a super powerful but simple and easy to use WordPress plugin which builds your list, generates viral traffic and drives sales using an awesome and professional interface your customers will love!

But first, let’s start with a very simple FACT:

Most online business owners are leaving a HUGE amount of money on the table


Because most web entrepreneurs are so busy setting up websites, creating products, and squeeze pages that they get distracted from another place where so much money can be made:

The buying process itself


When your prospect clicks on your affiliate link, buy button on your sales page or banner on your blog you have a unique but time-limited opportunity to:

  • Give them a great and transparent buying experience
  • Drive viral traffic
  • Increase conversions
  • Build your list
  • And make a LOT of money!

If you’re a product creator or an affiliate marketer who already does ALL of these things, then WP Viral Payments probably isn’t for you.

However, the sad reality is that these things rarely happen because most people overlook them. 

Today, this is about to change:



wpViralPayments Logo Horizontal Medium

If you haven’t done so already I highly recommend you watch the video at the top of this page which will give you a walk through of how WP Viral Payments works and how simple it is to set up on your website.

Let’s take a look at some of the powerful features of WP Viral Payments, one by one…

 pf1 1click

Allowing customers to add extra items to their order with just a single click is one of THE most powerful ways to skyrocket the amount of money you make.

For example, we’ve all seen this concept with Amazon:

Customers who bought this also bought

You might also have seen the 1 click upsell in other places too. Here are a couple of examples from the web design and internet marketing niches….


EVS+LeeM 1-Click Upsells


However, there’s a very good reason why only a few very successful “gurus” and online business owners use this proven method

The Problem

To do these kinds of 1 click upsells you need to either:

  • Have an expensive shopping cart (typically linked to a merchant account) which often incurs monthly expense of hundreds of dollars and takes weeks to set up
  • Hire a programmer who will create a solution for you (again, costly and time-consuming to set up plus it’s also “hard wired” so if you need any changes you have to pay again).

Not only that but the above solutions are almost always tied to a single payment processor. In short, hassle, delays and expense. 🙁

The Solution

With WP Viral Payments you can implement 1 click order form upsells in seconds right inside of WordPress and using any payment processor: PayPal, Google Checkout, Clickbank, whatever!



Get other people to drive traffic & sales for you…

It is also compatible with affiliate systems so you can have other people sending you traffic to sell your products. You could even use an affiliate plugin such as WordPress Affiliate Platform.

But that’s not all. Even the other solutions that cost hundreds of dollars don’t have the extra built-in functionality that WP Viral Payments has!

Check out these other built-in benefits…


pf2 traffic1

Imagine being offered a 10% or 15% cash discount just for clicking a button.

Something like this perhaps:

Share For Discount Button

With WP Viral Payments you can offer your customers an instant cash discount in return for sharing on Facebook.

It’s a no brainer for the customer as it takes them just 20 seconds to do and they save money instantly.

When a single visitor completes this simple action all of their Facebook contacts are immediately notified complete with a custom message, image and URL you define:


Share For Discount Features With Arrows


Referral marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote your squeeze pages, products, affiliate offers and blog because trust is intrinsically built in with the recommendation 🙂

Remember, you can power up viral traffic back to ANY URL you like, just enter the web address in the WP Viral Payments WordPress page settings.

So you can connect it to your squeeze page (to increase your daily optins), sales page, blog, Facebook Page or an affiliate offer to just earn fast cash.

SEOIf you’re into SEO then you’ll know that Google now strongly favors this kind of social sharing in its algorithm so this is extremely healthy for the rankings of your sites and web pages!


pf3 traffic2

The second way WP Viral Payments will generate you fast viral traffic is by using cash discount coupons.

As you know, discount coupons have become extremely popular in recent years and people still go crazy for them. WP Viral Payments allows you to set up multiple cash discount coupons in seconds.

Discount Code With Arrows

WP Viral Payments allows you complete customization of how these features work. You can turn every feature on or off and customize at the touch of a button.

Even COMBINE Share For Discount And Coupons…

So for example you can even combine the Share For Discount and Coupon features to enable your customers to virally share discount coupons! Wickedly powerful as this is a personal recommendation to their contacts who are in turn offered a cash discount! 

In effect, your visitors do the selling for you!


pf4 list

Whether you are selling your own products or running affiliate promotions it makes sense to ALWAYS build your email list.

The Problem

But a big problem with a lot of existing buying processes is that you only capture the contact details of your buyer after they have paid.

When shopping cart abandonment occurs (and of course it does in any sales process) you are left with nothing, not even the email of your visitors and prospects.

The Solution

With WP Viral Payments you can switch on “Required Optin” BEFORE a purchase is made. So whatever your visitors decide to do you’ll still have their email addresses in your autoresponder!

Email Optin With Arrows


Unlike the claims of many “list building” products, WP Viral Payments allows double OR single optin at this stage. Yes, even for email services such as Aweber!

So you don’t have to worry about losing your valuable leads because people lose their confirmation emails or simply forget to confirm. 

It’s simple. These list optins mean money in your pocket.


pf5 custom

Ok, TWO crucial things to understand here. WP Viral Payments includes as standard:

1. High-Converting Custom-Made, Built-In Graphics

Simply click the shortcode button at the top of your WordPress page editor and choose from the gallery of components and add them to the page. 


These include headline, navigation bar, scarcity, call to action and button graphics…


Shortcode Graphics Collage Pixlr


This same shortcode button allows you to add other WP Viral Payments components as well including your main order box and optional video.

2. Complete Page Customization

Regardless of your WordPress Theme you can activate the WP Viral Payments template on any page that you choose with 1 click. 

This will give you a taster for some of the features you can customize:

Page Settings

But remember, as well as these built-in features you can also customize your page just like you would normally with WordPress. So adding custom text, graphics and anything else you wish is EASY!

Now this is all great but what specific strategies and tactics can you use to drive traffic, build your list and make money with WP Viral Payments?


Here are just some ideas of how you can drive traffic and make money TODAY using WP Viral Payments….

…But you’ll think of loads more – the possibilities are almost endless!

lightbulbStrategy #1 – Monetize Free Gifts

After people subscribe for a free gift on your blog‘s optin form or squeeze page send them to one of your WP Viral Payments pages (simply set your autoresponder Thank You to this page). You can offer them a related upsell such as an extra training video, PLR, Skype interview you’ve recorded with an expert or an affiliate product. Plus get the benefit of the viral traffic as well!

lightbulbStrategy #2 – Done For You (DFY) Upsell

This is MASSIVE as people LOVE DFY services in all niches and this model is used by some of the top online web entrepreneurs today! For example, you can sell (or give away) an eBook (your own product or PLR) on how to build a website then offer a $99-$299 upsell service where it will be built for your customer. When you get the order, give the job to an outsourcer (e.g., Elance or oDesk) who will do it at a fraction of the cost. Your customers get huge value and you increase your sales revenue by 1000%+. 

lightbulbStrategy #3 – Don’t Sell Anything/Viral Traffic Model

Send your perceived value through the roof by offering a product (your own or PLR) for a fixed price (say $27) BUT then offer a 100% discount in return for sharing on Facebook. Make your subscriber super happy to get a product that is on sale right in front of their eyes for free AND get the viral traffic flowing instantly when your amazing deal is posted directly into the newsfeeds of their Facebook friends. Oh, AND build your list simultaneously too! Alternatively, you can also use this same model but just giving the 100% discount for an upsell.

lightbulbStrategy #4 – Viral Affiliate Bonus Model

Use a WP Viral Payments page to review an affiliate product (text or video) but add your own bonus if people share on Facebook. Also get optins to your list BEFORE they purchase the affiliate product! So, Viral Traffic + List Building + Affiliate Commissions!

lightbulbStrategy #5 – The Amazon Affiliate Upsell Model

Offer a free report and then upsell to a physical product. For example, use a WP Viral Payments page to give away a PLR book on “How To Start Beekeeping”, switch on Required Optin to build your list and also upsell to a complimentary physical product such as a Beginners Beekeeping Kit on Amazon. List Optins + Amazon Affiliate Commission!

lightbulbStrategy #6 – The Print-On-Demand Upsell

This one has been used by some of the biggest “gurus” around: Offer a free book or video as your main product to build your list then upsell them to a physical version delivered via Kunaki or Amazon Print on Demand. 

lightbulbStrategy #7 – Recurring Income/Continuity Model

Sell or give away a low priced product (such as an eBook or short report) and set your upsell to a monthly recurring product or service. For example, you could give away a free guide on building your first website and then offer discounted hosting through a reseller hosting account (e.g., Hostgator charges only $24.95/month for this so if you priced your upsell at $4.99 you only need 6 customers and you are making a profit – each and every month!). 

lightbulbStrategy #8 – Offline/Online Consulting Set Up

Get the Developer Rights to WP Viral Payments (see below) and charge a fee for setting up any of the above strategies or others for other online or offline businesses. As you can see, existing businesses can make more money instantly and with hardly any effort from you. It’s also a great icebreaker and way to cement your relationship with them so you can earn further lucrative and recurring consultancy fees!


Q: I haven’t created a product – can I still use WP Viral Payments?

A: Yes! You don’t need to be a product creator to make money with WP Viral Payments because you can use PLR or affiliate products (e.g., Clickbank or Amazon) to make money, build your list and generate traffic. Also, see the answer to the next question.

Q: I haven’t got an upsell to offer?

A: The 1-click order form upsell feature in WP Viral Payments is just ONE of several benefits you get with the plugin and you certainly don’t have to use it (not all of the strategies above do either).

Upsells can be switched on or off with 1 click inside your settings page. So when you don’t use the upsell feature you will still benefit immediately from the viral traffic, list building, high-converting page layout, etc.

This said, as and when you choose to add an upsell you will be almost guaranteed to make a lot more money because this 1 click process is both proven and tested (see “guru” examples above).

The strategy ideas on this page will give you a good feel for upsell ideas but basically you can use things like: A service (such as “Done For You Set Up”), special PDF report, audio interview, bonus provided by another marketer/business owner, Private Label Rights (available in virtually any niche from Google), an affiliate product (digital or physical), video tutorial or cross-sell from another related area.

Thinking of upsell ideas is not hard and if you watch other sales processes online you’ll soon get loads of ideas. As long as it adds value to your customer – it’s a no brainer!

Q: How do I set my products up in PayPal?

A: PayPal is extremely popular as a payment system because it’s free and very easy to use. However, if you’ve never used PayPal before then don’t worry because full tutorials on how to set up and integrate your products are included in the WP Viral Payments members area.

Q: What if I don’t want to use PayPal?

A: No problem! WP Viral Payments works with any payment system. Google Checkout, Clickbank, PayZa (AlertPay), and so on…

Q: How easy is WP Viral Payments to set up?

A: Very easy.

One of the main reasons WP Viral Payments was developed was to overcome the long-winded setup and expense of other solutions. So getting set up and running takes just a few minutes. Full video tutorials are given in the members download area.


Included In Your Purchase

If you’ve purchased my products before then you’ll know I aim to give the best customer service in the industry.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied then your purchase is backed by this: 

30 Day, 100% Rock Solid Guarantee


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Single Site License

Developer License

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Take action now and I look forward to seeing you inside the WP Viral Payments Members’ Area!

Kind regards,

Rob Cornish


P.S. Remember this is 100% risk-free you’ve got NOTHING to lose and everything to gain!

P.P.S. If you have any questions please click the Support link below. Full customer support is available inside the members’ area 🙂